What is the Bible Tour?

A LIVE concert experience where artists perform their top hits that you love along with stunning video from the Bible.  It's a concert like nothing you've experienced! 

This show is also different in that artists do not perform "sets" - instead, you never know who will be on stage next. The hope is that by the end of the show, you are reminded of the power of the Word and the HOPE Jesus brings. We hope it's an event you'll never forget!  For a few other common questions, read below. 

  • IS THE SHOW APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGES?  A: We try to make the show as family-friendly as possible. Certain moments may have images you may not deem suitable for children (namely during the crucifixion moment). 


  • CAN I BRING FOOD OR DRINK? A:  Most venues will have food and beverages for sale on site. Unfortunately we do not make decisions on what is allowed in the venue so it's best to contact your city's venue directly with those questions. 


  • CAN I GET A REFUND? A: Sorry, all sales are final and no refunds are offered. But you can give your ticket to a friend!


  • IS THIS A MOVIE OR A CONCERT? A: Very much a concert and not a movie - BUT, you'll experience footage from the movie and other elements that come together to tell the story of Christ along with the performances from the artists.